Friday, February 18, 2011

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TUNISIA: The Provisional Government of Ghanouchi still has no agenda or roadmap for political reform and the upcoming elections

This government does not yet understand or realize that it is indeed a revolution and must act accordingly. It is absolutely necessary to take bold political decisions to reassure the people. This government has started poorly, committed several blunders, among others, maintaining the 3 committees whose mission is neither clear nor convincing, this is the case to say that it will serve to "red herring".

A transitional government is good for no more than six months, five weeks after the start of the despot, it seems that Ghanouchi is poised to perpetuate its power. Usually, after a revolution, there is a transition with a committee of public hello which is a government of a real transition, not chairs of ministers and state secretaries. The objective of the revolution is not to chase Ben Ali and the Trabelsi clan, his ultimate goal is to dislodge the system dictatorship in place and to establish a true democracy. Behind this system, the government is still sleeping like a virus that is ready for anything reinfected if the Tunisians leave him without time to react to the slowness of the government.

The interim government is there to prepare the next election and not spend 20 years in power to change all the state structures and the constitution. Launch new projects, announcing new measures, to plan actions for the medium term; admit that everything is important, but the first priority is to organize free and democratic elections to elect a constituent assembly that will ensure true democracy and free elections in 6-9 months. To do this, there are actions that involve unavoidable dissolve the RCD and to create the legal framework for the creation of free association and political parties.

issues of political reform is a priority. " ago to draft a new constitution with the participation of all political forces in that country. This is no small matter. Should we start with the city to reassure the public about their immediate vicinity? Should we opt for a parliamentary system? Several choices are raised and the question should be examined with all the tact required " (1). Only an elected constituent assembly will answer all his questions? The Government Ghanouchi want no part of this assembly election for the simple reason that it will dissolve the constitution of a dictatorship that allowed him to gain power

By Shafi Chaieb Ph.D. ecologist in Canada

(1) Mahmoud Mounir Ben; The burning issues of the transitional government- C3% BBlants du Government de- transition 519,23463,1


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